Soursop a Cancer Killer 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy


If someone tell you they received a prescription drug against colon cancer from specialist you would not believe it because the conventional medicine cannot be expected to occur.

But, according to some researches which has been done on soursop seed, the fractionation obtained five ties of which one (cis-anomacin) had selectively sytoxic effect on the cells of adenocarcinomas of the colon, and even 10,000 times stronger that pharmaceutical medicine adriamvcin.

Adriamvcin is a market name of doxorubicin and is also known by this nickname “red devil” because of the strong red and terrible side effects involving life-threatening or even fatal damage to the cardiovascular system. His lack of “selective cytoxicity” (the ability to destroy only cancer cells and not the health) is what makes the adrimicin so dangerous.

Only few reasearches on the effectiveness and the impact of the soursop carcinogenic disease were done in 1996. According to a study in 1999, there are confirmations that the effectiveness of soursop leaves against prostate cancer. Another different study from 2002 indicates the anti tumor activity in liver cancer, but none of these studies were as good as the one from 1996 year.

There is a study published in 2011 which revealed very promising research on the impact of soursop on breast cancer. The extract of the fruit of soursop suppresses expression of oncogene (cancer-causing genes) in cell and animal models of breast cancer. Oncogene receptor is also known as epidermal growth factor (EGFR) is usually excessively expressed in breast cancer, and enhanced expression is associated with poor prognosis and resistance to the drug, making it an ideal target for therapy development.

In this study mice received 200 mg of sousop fruit extract, per kilogram of food within their diet, for 5 weeks. With this treatment, significantly is reduced the expression of proteins in breast cancer. This means that, this is very strong fruit extract and it can decrease the growth of tumor disease by 32%, which means you can have protective effects against EFRG in breast cancer.

Soursop is used in big quantities in Guyana. They use the leaves as a sedative and as a tonic for the heart, and Brazilians drink soursop tea to alleviate the problems with the liver. They take the oil from the seeds of the fruit and rub themselves to relieve arthritis and rheumatism. The fruits of soursop are also used in Jamaica and West Indies, in order to reduce fever and treat liquid stool.

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Source: Viral Alternative News

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