Stop Buying Avocados. Here’s How To Grow An Avocado Tree In A Small Pot At Home!

In the text bellow, read how to grow your own avocado tree in a small pot at home!

Let’s see how:

  1. Extract the seed

First, you should carefully remove the pit from the avocado without cutting it, and then clean of all the avocado fruit washing it. You should not remove the seed cover (the brown skin on the pit).


  1. Pierce the seed

Some avocados are shaped almost like perfect spheres, and some of them pit slightly oblong, but all avocado pits have a “bottom”, the place from where the roots will grow, and a “top” from which the sprout will grow. The flat end is the bottom, and the slightly pointer end is the top.


  1. Soak the seed in water

You should rest the bottom half of the avocado in water, so therefore the toothpicks need to be wedged in there firmly. We recommend you to sick them in at a slight angle or pointing


  1. Let the seed sprout

The top of the avocado will begin to split and stem sprout will emerge from the top and roots will begin to grow at the base in about 21 to 42 days. Pinch out the top set of leaves when the stem grown to about 5 or 6 inches. New leaves will sprout and there will be more roots in the next 14 to 21 days.


  1. Trim the sprout

Trim the sprout in half to encourage new growth.


  1. Prepare to plant

Take a large flowerpot (maybe 8’’ to 10’’ across) and place enriched potting soil in it. After that, fill the soil to about an inch from the top of the pot and make a small depression in the middle of the soil. Place the pit here, root-side down into the depression. At the end, water it generously so that the soil is thoroughly moist.

Source: Best Healthy Guide

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