It Takes A Glass Of This And Your Liver Will Be Renewed!

These days, many people consume ready-made foods which are low in nutrients and they don’t pay attention for healthy food or healthy diet. Even the fruit and vegetables which can be found in supermarket are with pesticides unless they are not organic.

The liver is the most important organ which is responsible for eliminating the toxins out of your body. Consuming unhealthy food all the time will seriously damage your liver.

Liver detox we should practice this more often. This is how you will remove the toxins which are building up to it and also you will improve the absorption of proteins and their synthesis. Liver detox is very important and can improve the overall liver function.

This recipe can help you to improve and detoxify your liver!

You can improve your liver health easily with a diet. Providing the most important nutrients through food, proper liver function will be maintained. It is good to know that if there is any kind of liver disease it can go unnoticed for a while until it becomes more serious and harder to treat. You will protect yourself from hepatitis and fatty liver if you cleanse your liver regularly.

Here is the natural recipe which is made of few easy to find ingredients and is quite beneficial for liver cleansing.


  • Handful of fresh mint leaves
  • Some Lemon juice ( grate the peel as well)
  • Some Orange juice
  • 11 filtered water
  • Raw honey for taste

You should heat the water and after that add the mint leaves. Let it simmer for 5 minutes, and then, remove it from the heat and let it cool. Then add the lemon and the orange juice, and in the end add honey for taste.

You will improve your digestion and cleanse your liver. Consume it hot or cold on a regular basis.

Source: Good Morning Center

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