This Yoga Pose Will Help You Start Doing Yoga

New to yoga? Start with Mountain Yoga pose and build strength and confidence to take your yoga practice deeper.
Mountain pose. Origin name, or Sanskrit name of this pose is Tadasana. By doing this pose on daily bases you will improve your posture, mental clarity, the sense of center and solid breathing. This pose will prepare you for other standing yoga poses.

1. First step, stand up straight and tall.

Your feet must be together barely touching each other (if you have body balance problems perform the exercise with separated legs). Make sure your shoulders are relaxed and your arms hang down.
• Take care of positioning your body from the feet up. This way your body will rest on a solid foundation and your pose will be stronger.
• Get your big toes closer to each other. Set them back down on floor and ensure that they are firmly on the ground.
• Squeezing your outer shins in toward each other. Lift your kneecaps. Slightly turn your inner thighs inward, lifting your quadriceps muscles up and back.
• The next step is to make sure that your body is stable and solid. Work on stability of your pelvis and trunk area.
• Open your chest, pulling your shoulders slightly toward the back. Keep your shoulders relaxed, and your triceps strong. Then, rotate your inner arms slightly outward.
• Keep your head straight and pulling upward, releasing your neck from the shoulders. Facial muscles need to be relaxed.
Stay in this position for 30 to 60 seconds.

2. Second step, your gaze must be in front of you.

When ready to perform this pose, it would be very helpful to stay focused on some object or spot. Focus helps you keep body balance. Find some object in front of you on which you will keep your focus. In yoga, visual focus is known as drishti. The aim of focusing on one object is to help you preserve the attention, which will sharpen your mental focus. If you choose a point that is slightly below the level of your eyes, the chin will be pointing down as you stand in Mountain Pose.
• Extend your hands up. To feel more comfortable, start moving different parts of your body so you will preserve the further strengthening your core and your balance. Turn your palms in form of praying. You will feel a stretch along your oblique muscles.
• Stretch your shoulders. Slightly bring your arms in front of you. Interlace your fingers then pull your hands away from your body. You will feel softly stretch in your shoulder blades.
• Once you overcome the Mountain Pose with your gaze on single object, you should try to perform this pose with your eyes closed. By performing the Mountain Pose with eyes closed, you will encounter difficulty in keeping balance. Ensure that your feet and toes are strongly pressed into the ground. This will make you sure that you have strong position and foundation, so you can easily maintain balance.

3. The last step on doing this simple pose is to concentrate on your breathing.

Try to breathe deeply. Feel your diaphragm expand and contract. While you breathe you will find your mind beginning to wander. The thoughts will be flooding but you will let them go. Focus your attention on your breath, on the present moment.

After a while you will start to feel comfortable with this pose, that is, you will master your balance, breathing and focus, and start doing it with your eyes closed. This may be the time to start exploring some other poses and get deeper into the life changing world of yoga.

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