What The Urine Color States About Your Health

Even though urine tells a lot about our health. It is not really a topic that we are used to talk about. It can tell about our way of living, eating, health and diseases we didn’t even know we had.

Biggest part of the urine, about 95 percent of it, is water. The rest, even though small part consists a complicated mix of components like urea, chloride, sodium, potassium, creatinine and other dissolved ions. The known yellow color of the urine comes from urobilin, which is just a waste product from the breakdown of red blood cells.

Following is a color chart of what the urine color can tell about your well-being:

  1. Transparent

If your urine is colorless it usually means over-hydration. It is not as harmful as dehydration but it still creates imbalance in the blood by watering down essential salts like electrolytes.

  1. Light yellow

Light yellow is the right urine color and it means that you are well hydrated.

  1. Cloudy

Urine cloudiness comes from tissues, mucus and proteins that are breaking down which means that you might have bladder infection. You might want to visit doctor and make some tests.

  1. Medium yellow

This usually means it is time to start drinking some water. You might be getting dehydrated.

  1. Dark yellow

If you didn’t get heavy on B vitamins than it surely is dehydration.

  1. Orange

As you guessed now it is really time for getting some water in your body. According to Jill Buckley,M.D, orange urine color can also indicate presence of bilirubin, a yellow colored product of old red blood cells breakdown.

  1. Pink

Pink urine can just be product of over eating beets, but on the other hand it also can be blood. Even a drop of blood can turn make the urine pink, even though it can be nothing serious you must visit urologist since it is a sign for infection or maybe even bladder cancer. (The chances are that most likely it is not a cancer, however it is better to be safe than sorry)

Source: Health Expert Group

Photo Credit: iytmed.com

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