(Video)70-Year-Old-Woman That Looks Like 40 Shares Her Diet Secrets

With the dynamics of our present living we all tend to forget about growing up or aging or even our health in general. For many years people have wondered if this can be helped, can we actually stop aging or even try to slow it down? Can you get your ‘youthful beautiful’ you without all of those expensive cosmetics or treatments spent through the years?

This might be surprise for you, but it seems the answer is actually YES! There have always been a search for the fountain of youth and also a wonder if it is really possible or it is just the ‘middle age crises’ fond hope for the lost youthfulness. Well, here is living prove of the undying youth.

In the picture above is Annette Larkins from Miami-Dade Country, Florida. Take a minute and guess how old is she. Probably whatever you say will not even be close to her age. You are looking at certainly healthy and 70 year old woman! Yes, she is 70 years old!!!

So, do you now believe that fountain of youth is found?!?

When we asked about her secret, she started with this statement:” Don’t ever use any kind of modern medications or pills, not even an aspirin pill! ”. This was actually very unusual for us, since she was coming from a family with bad genetic disposition.

Both her mother and grandmother succumbed breast cancer at their middle age. There is also a diabetes too, running in the family.

“My nutrition, my diet of life, is the key to my good looks” she continued. 27 years ago she became a raw vegan. Her ‘Fountain of Youth’, as she calls it, is in her backyard garden and all of her daily meals come only from there since the day she became raw vegan.

There are all kind of organic fruits and vegetables in the garden, which are watered with the rainwater she collects. She eats all of this food either raw or prepares some natural juices. Even with her age, her life has never been more active. She is up and active in 5:30 in the morning!

Raw diet, means eating products that are not manufactured or processed. All you need is a blender and some good organic fruits and vegetables and that is it! You have you healthy and full with vitamins drink that will get you healthier and younger than you think. This diet has shown to help with many diseases such as asthma, constipation, high cholesterol, cancer, etc.

We should all learn a lesson from this wonderful and amazing story, and be inspired to think twice about our diet and maybe change our diet plan.



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