What really happens when you swallow chewing gum?

A lot of young parents are still not warned of the danger of swallowing gum. Given how each of us at least once in life have swallowed gum, it’s time to learn the truth and danger that comes with it.

Our body can not fully process them. While ingredients like sweeteners and sugars can be recognized and destructed by the body, the rest remains at large.

Although it may sound dangerous and worrying, unprocessed gum ends where other ingredients such us unprocessed fruit peel, bone or seed ends – they get kicked out of our body.

Can gum stick to the stomach?

The biggest concern of all parents is whether gum can stick to our intestines or stomach.

Unlike tricky effects of chewing gum to stick to clothes or hair, probably it’s very unlikely. Although it will take more time to pass through the entire digestive tract, but with time chewing gum is where it should be – in WC toilet.

When swallowing gum can become a problem?

There are very rare cases where swallowing chewing gum can cause health problems, and most often are related to disorder of the digestive system caused by diverticulitis or Crohn’s disease.

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