What Your Birth Month Reveals About You? – Are You The Smart One, The Quiet or The Bossy One?


People born in this month are ambitious, serious, independent, analytic and loyal. Other people will naturally follow you without doubt because you are a born leader and it’s not coincidence that you are ruled by the number 1. Your personality traits: easily bored, quiet unless excited, smart, neat and organized.


If you were born in February, the number 2 influences you. You are especially temperamental, honest and loyal. People born in this month strive for progress and for reaching goals. You love to make friends and you love your freedom. Relationship means all to you and you will spend a lot of your life searching for that special someone. It may be difficult for you to show emotions and that’s why you rarely do that, but good news are when you get angry you can choose what other people will read from your face.


People born in March often find themselves in the right place at the right time. If you are born in the second half of March you have an ability to make a lot of money, but also lose it as quickly. You are also more prone to be secretive than those born in other months. “Don’t grow up it’s a trap” it’s your motto, but there is what makes you so lovable. Personal traits: fun, the best sense of humor, good kisser, attractive, always busy.


If your month is April you may be perceived as being bossy, impulsive and stubborn, but on the other hand you are ambitious, intelligent and creative. Just make sure that you are not pushing people away, because they get you wrong. Once you set a goal, nothing stops you. Personality traits of people born in this month: diplomatic, brave, fearless, active, dynamic and adventurous. They also are good motivators.


If you are born in May self expression is important to you, you have a high respect for authority and it’s easy for you to attract others because you love attention. Your personal traits if you are born in this month: you are strong willed and highly motivated, you love traveling and you have good imagination.


If you are born in June, the number 6 rules your fate. You are very romantic, sensual and fantastic lover, but also a very jealous one. Your love life tends to be very complex, but you’ve got the best personality and it’s an absolute pleasure to be around you. It’s typical for people born in this month to think with vision. They tend to have a lots of ideas, active mind, they may be choosy, but always want the best. June has the highest number of Nobel Prize winners and CEO’s.Personal traits: temperamental, funny, loves to joke, good debating skills, easily bored, friendly, daydreamer and sensitive.


The number 7 is your numerological ruler. You care deeply for your family and you will always protect your relationships. People born in this month sometimes can be critical and sarcastic, which can confuse people around them, but they are always honest and concerned about people’s feelings. They love their friends and love to be with them. They are not revengeful, they will forgive, but never forget.  Many people born in July are geniuses. Personal traits: hardworking, no difficulties in studying, sensitive, treats other equally, strong sense of sympathy.


“No pain-no gain” absolutely describes you. You are born fighter and have the ability to inspire others to be the very best that they can be. People born in this month are mysterious and very revengeful, they know how to console others and have extraordinary spirit, they think quickly and love to lead. They hate not being trusted and they are easily bored. That’s why people born in August are more likely to struggle in school. Many people born in this month love to sing and are more likely to pursue in vocational career. Personal traits: sensitive but not pity, talented in the arts, music and defense.


You are strongly identified with the number 9. The most flexible people are born in this month, so you are destined to play many roles in your lifetime. People born in September have the best organizational skills and they are allergic to chaos. They tend to over-think and over analyze situations. Sometimes you need to turn off the voice of your inner critic. Personal traits: quiet, calm, sympathetic, loyal, informed, adventurous and love to travel and explore.


If you are born in October, once you set a goal, nothing stops you till you achieve it. People born in this month had the potential to be a well known leader, they just have to deal with their inner voices, because they are tend to be very argumentative and revengeful if someone betray them. They never care what others think, but anyway making new friends is easy for them, they love those who love them. Personal traits: brave and fearless, adventurous, friendly (usually they have more friends) and sometimes sexy in a way that only their lover understands.


People born in November are unique and brilliant with extraordinary ideas. They tend to be more curious than people born in other months of the year, they are always asking everything and don’t stop until they get all the answers needed. These people think differently from others, because of their powerful imagination and curiosity. They are always thinking and analyzing things. It’s hard to make them angry unless they are provoked. “If there is a will, there is a way” and “Never give up” can describe them best. These people are the best secrets keepers. At first they seem mysterious, but lately with their dynamic personality every second spend with them is fun. Personal traits: patient, innovative, secretive, dynamic and careful.


People born in this month are the adrenaline junkies. They always strive for more fun, more parties and new friends. People born in this month have an active social life, they are always invited to all the events, openings, birthday parties etc. It’s fun to be with them, but they have to realize that they are not immortal. Even if they are not showing it, they love attention. On the other hand they have a good sense of humor and easy get what they want. Personal traits: direct, ambitious, open minded, patriotic, active in games and interactions, good logic, hate restrictions.

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