Which Of These Bananas Is Best For You – Ripe Or Unripe?

You may know about nutritional properties of bananas in your kitchen, but do you know that those properties change as bananas grow riper? As bananas ripen, they become tastier and sweeter.


Bananas contain enzymes that begin to break down starches, which aren’t mostly sweet, into sugar. Because of this banana is easier to digest in our gut. Japanese scientist made an interesting discovery about bananas; as they ripen, they produce more antioxidants than when they are fresh. If you see dark spots on the banana peel, you should know that this banana produces TNF, or tumor necrosis factor. TNF substance combats abnormal and cancer cells.

The darker the banana is, the more effective it is at killing abnormal and cancer cells.

A ripe banana is seven times more powerful in boosting our body’s immune system than fresh banana.

The best time to eat banana is when it is fully ripped!

If someone suffer from type 2 diabetes may want to eat a ripe banana with nut butter. Fats in the nut butter will slow down sugar absorption in blood stream, making it easier for your body to break down.

Source: http://simpleorganiclife.org

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