Why Women Are Special-Read This Complete!

One night a normal husband and wife were watching TV. The woman was tired and she said to her husband that she is going to bed.

Then she went to the kitchen and prepared sandwiches for the morning. She also washed the dishes, took the vegetable out of the freeze, put bowls and spoons on the table and prepared the coffee pot for the morning.

After that, she ironed the clothes for the next day, picked up the game pieces left on the table and placed her telephone on the charger.

Next she emptied a wastebasket and hung up a towel to dry.

The women finally went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and washed her face. Then she heard her husband called out: “I thought you were going to bed” and she answered: “I’m on my way”.

Before she went to sleep she checked if all the doors and windows were secured and locked. She went upstairs and kissed her kids for goodnight. She poured some water in the dogs dish and set the alarm up for the morning.

The husband just turned off the TV and went to sleep without another thought.

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Source: Natural Healthy Ways

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