Yoga Tips To Reduce Your Tummy! YES, YOU HEARD IT RIGHT! LET’S START!

Hard workout, dedication, effective yoga poses and weight loss diet will help you to get rid of the layers of fat around your tummy. If you want to reach permanent results, never use shortcuts. Believe it or not, yoga can help you focus while altering the human brain structure. Our brain is the most crucial part of our body and controls everything. If we are really tense, sleepy or emotionally disturbed, we make poor meals choices. To accomplish any goal of life, you have to be aware for your existing and yoga can help you reach that. Here is a list of 5 crucial tips that will help us get rid of the extra weight. Let’s start!

1.Do not lose your hope, lose weight!

We all know that the layers of fat around the tummy have been added over the years. It is very important to believe in the practice and counting the practice. Yoga helps you to reduce weight over a period of time and not instantly. We all tend to reach quick results these days, but we tend to forget that there is no other alternative to sweating it out. Partner with a buddy who can motivate you to do your yoga workouts regularly. This will encourage you and yoga will be more fun for both of you.

2. Imagine your body as a BANK ACCOUNT

People often say, THE NUMBER OF CALORIES YOU INTAKE IN A DAY AGAINST THE NUMBER OF CALORIES YOU BURN IN A DAY GIVES YOU THE DEPOSIT FOR THE DAY. Try to bridge this gap by reducing the intake and increasing the number of calories burnt. The best way to avoid the pseudo hunger call of the body is to eat regularly. People usually think if they skip the breakfast, they will intake less calories, but it’s the opposite. The breakfast is like a king, lunch is like a queen and dinner should be like a pauper.

3. Try different poses for the same muscles, surprise your body!

If you have been doing trikonasana for the abs, try doing the child pose. Attack the muscle from different angles. There are variety yoga poses which can help you doing this. You just have to learn some new yoga poses and try to be regular in your workouts.

4. Stay focused on your breathing!

Following the right breathing pattern helps to reduce weight drastically. This is because when one breathes well more amount of oxygen is taken in by the system; oxygen assists to break the food into minute molecules. The proper breathing also helps you in the process of burning the calories. A good metabolic rate helps to maintain the ideal weight. Let’s breath properly! Our body will be grateful.

5. Challenge YOURSELF!

Practicing yoga gives you endless opportunities to challenge your mind and body. With this discipline you are losing your fat and growing your confidence which is very important! You have total control how far you go. People don’t jump right into headstands. There is deliberate succession of poses. You only have to listen your body, breath proper and exhale your stretch a little further. There is no “ONE MORE RAP” or “TWO MORE INCHES”! Try to explore and extend yourself to new potentials. By the time, your body will adapt and you’ll be able to do so much more than when you started!

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