You Are a Smoker More Than 3 Years? This Miracle Drink Will Help You Clean Your Lungs…

Do you smoke for more than 3 years? Or, maybe you recently quit smoking? If you do, you should be aware that your lungs are filled with toxins, and cleaning is more than necessary for your lungs.

Because of that, we recommend you this natural drink, which is composed by these magical ingredients: turmeric, ginger and onions.


Turmeric has antibacterial, anticancer and antiviral properties, because of its minerals and vitamins. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids. With this incredible spice you will enrich your daily diet.


Because of its healing properties, ginger is used since the ancient times. Ginger is a known ancient spice and despite other healing properties, this spice will help you to eliminate the excess mucus in your lungs.


Being well known for its anticancer properties, onion can be a great ally in numerous malignant conditions. It is especially efficient in the prevention of respiratory system diseases.


– 1L of water

– 400 grams of honey (or maple syrup)

– 2tbs turmeric

– Ginger root the size of a thumb

– One onion approximately the same size as the ginger

The following instructions will help you to make this drink easily:

  • To begin with, add 400 grams honey in water.
  • Put the water on fire and leave it until it starts to boil.
  • Dice the ginger and the onion, and put this mix in the boiling water.
  • Again, leave this mixture until it is boiled and then add the turmeric and slightly reduce the heat.
  • This mixture must be cooked until the water is reduced, almost by half.
  • Take some glass jar, filter the water and pour it in the jar. Wait for the drink to cool down and then put it in the refrigerator.
  • The drink must be all the time in the refrigerator, you can use it like an elixir every morning and every evening. In the morning, take 2 spoons on an empty stomach, and in the evening 2 spoons two hours after a meal.



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